Ms Anna Smyth, otherwise known as The Lady Decadence, has a fetish for being adored and worshipped, pampered and spoiled, but more importantly, she is a sadist with a heart. She loves to hear the gasp and moan as men suffer for her amusement. Her Ladyship adores receiving tributes and gifts, knowing that her subjects are finding themselves becoming addicted, craving her attention and intellect.

She is a fetishist and Dominatrix, a Lady that knows her own mind, and a woman that can use her voice, intelligence, and demeanour to control, torment, and tease.


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Ignore Line

You know you don’t deserve Her attention,
so you will call, and She will go about Her day,
watching the minutes tick by on the rare
moments She remembers you even exist…

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You’re just a walking wallet.. time to be drained…

She knows what She wants, and She wants
everything you have. She will drain your
account, and leave you broken, aching for more…
and just when you think here is nothing more
to give, She will make you work harder,
get a promotion… all so that She can take it all!

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Worship, Spoil & Obey: Call Her Ladyship

When calling Her Ladyship, remember to
tell Her how you wish to serve… to tell
Her how you plan on worshipping Her,
and then… follow through!She wants you on your knees, aching to be
used as the obedient slave that you are!



Call The Lady Decadence for phone sex on

FemDom Skype Sessions

This listing is for video call sessions with
Ms Anna Smyth via Skype.Please remember to purchase her Chat Names
prior to calling, and be ready to tell her how
you plan on being of service…